Hey there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ahmad Yaseen, and all the recipes i write in this blog, is happening in my kitchen. Writing, cooking, and taking pictures of food.

I have been working for 4 years in five stars hotels in a various department in the kitchen, usually as a morning shift and by night I do work to my other thing as a developer. I do love the both majors and I don’t want to give up on either of them. I have been writing and updating a lot of recipes, then I thought of collecting all those updated recipes into this little blog, so I made the jump and I feel much excited to spend my time reading about food online and talk about it in this blog.

In the culinary field, yes, I’m an international chef, vegetarian and sea food is what I always love to cook, I love dessert, but not always a big fan of pastry, I’m always against food waste, for that I try to cook interesting and delicious food out of trimmings or leftovers, I adore Asian and Italian cuisine.

Let me tell you some of my favorite things in my life! The combination of chocolate chip cookies and milk, Thai food, Spider-Man comics, Japan, Music Instruments, and zombies.

Thank you for visiting! 🙂

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